Work Samples

OneBoss (Sterling Mutuals)

OneBoss is a mutual fund dealership backoffice software suite comprised of over twenty individual programs. OneBoss facilitates every role in the organization, from a nationwide sales force to the accountants in head office. I was hired as the lead software engineer where I directed five developers in two countries as well as programmed key parts of the system.

Supporting technologies

  • JavaEE
  • JSF
  • PHP
  • Hibernate
  • Visual Basic.NET
  • SOAP web services
  • JBOSS Drools
  • Java cryptography
  • JLAN based virtual network drive
  • Jasper Reports (iReport)
  • Linux

SkyRiot (Android Game)

SkyRiot is a faced paced action game for Android devices. The realism provided by the game presented a number of software design challenges


  • Utilizes the open source E3roid and OpenGL ES frameworks
  • Powered by Box2d physics engine
  • Heavy use of the "strategy" pattern (components) to maximize reuse of behavior code in game agents
  • Maintains high FPS achieved by careful optimization of game code.
  • Uses TMX tile maps for level design and game world.

MyBackup Pro (Rerware LLC)

MyBackup Pro allows smartphone users to backup personal data and restore it on another smartphone platform. I provided the Symbian implementation of the application ontime and to exact specification. MyBackup Pro was published on the Ovi store where it continues to deliver a bug-free app experience.

Supporting Technologies

  • Symbian C++
  • XML
  • SQLite


I have designed solutions to integrate GPS information services with logistics database backends to seamlessly create a total truck-to-dispatch communication process which lowered operating costs and resulted in better delivery times.

Document Management

I have authored document management solutions which served to deliver engineering and safety reports to users using intuitive searching and browsing. Featuring a web-based architecture and succeeded in replacing a company shared drive as the central repository for critical documents.